Blind, But Not Defeated Top-5 Blind Anime Characters To Be Inspired By

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According to a survey conducted by the world health organization, almost 15 % of the population suffers from some or other kind of disability. The person born with a disability has some other features with them that people nearby do not have. The same happens with the person that attracts disability later on. Many games are based on real life. These anime games will provide all the characters of which will exist in this real world. 

The anime player will find different players that will suit their capability. In the 9anime game, you will find that various characters have disabilities, but still, they are an essential part of the game. The following are the top 5 blind anime characters that never gave up after such a disability. You can get more info about all these characters on the 

Komugi- the best gungi player around

Komugi is a female player who appears in hunter x hunter. She is a blind character. Gungi is a board game, and she is very talented in that game. Even though she is blind but she never gave up. She thought that she was worthless besides her skills at gungi. She vows that she will commit suicide if she loses any professional match. 

Shizuka Kawai- suffering from near blindness

This character spends her first part of Yu-Gi-Oh DM in the hospital. She was waiting for her surgery so that she could be prevented from getting blind. She was born and brought up in poor daily life. Her only hope for getting this surgery completed is her brother, Katsuya Jounouchi. She was playing a tournament to win the amount for her sister’s surgery, despite facing near blindness. Shizuka is so kind and encouraging to all the people who are around her.


Even though he is still he is capable of doing murder of a fly with a projectile. He is a minor antagonist. Generally, he uses a cane to get around. Not only for going around, but he also uses the same can as his weapon. He is having all the other senses more active. He uses the can to hit the stone on the ground to kill a buzzing fly. He can track a person using their sound. His hearing senses help him a lot. He never made his blindness an obstacle in his life.

Nunnally Lamperouge

Nunnally, Lamperouge first appears in the Code Geass as Lelouch’s kind, playing an innocent young girl. She was blind as well as paralyzed, but she always tried to create a better world for her to live in. She has a brother, but till season two, his brother became his enemy. She is on number 9 out of 21 characters of 9anime for being the best little sister.

Sara (samurai champloo)

Sara is a blind beautiful musician. She always carries a shamisen and a yari as her walking partner. She always travels barefoot. Because of her blindness, she has to face many difficulties in her life. People also take away her child from her. However, her fighting skills are so good and are treated as most robust in the samurai Champloo. Later on, she gets to know that her son was killed. After knowing this, she allows mugern to kill her in a fight.

These are some characters of 9anime that are facing the problem of blindness. Even though these characters never give up. Every character has some unique feature with him. They also teach us that one should never give up on his life. Your life might be more complex than ordinary people’s, but you can make it easy by making an effort.