Urban vs Rural Tiny House

Tiny house population in the US has been growing in the recent years and now there more than 10,000 registered tiny houses, a huge increase from just a couple of hundred less than five years ago. Although East and West Coast are the predominant areas where tiny houses are popping up, there has also been an uptick in tiny house population in states like Texas and Colorado. As the tiny house population grows every year, most of the tiny house owners can be categorized in those seeking a break from the city life in more rural environments and those who seek affordable and sustainable housing in urban areas.

Rural Tiny Houses

Life in the crowded urban centers can take its toll on the people. Constant traffic jams, non-existent parking, excessive noise, sky-high rent prices and utilities are just some of the challenges that we face every day in the large urban areas. No wonder, there are more and more people who are looking for a more relaxed and slower life in the rural areas. Tiny houses are perfect for nature lovers and people who want to live a more modest life at a slower pace. They take less time to build than regular houses. They are also easy to move, as are all tiny homes for sale in louisiana. They even can even be used as holiday houses or weekend getaways.

Rural areas tend to offer more privacy to the owners, as there are less or no neighbors to worry about, as well as the constant noise and crowds that come with the city. A tiny house in the rural area can afford to have a large garden and a yard, which might be downright impossible in most urban areas. Also, the building codes and zoning restrictions are much easier to meet, so building a house will be less of a hassle. Air pollution is non-existent and usually the water quality is superior to urban areas as well. It does come with challenges such as transportation, since you might be very dependant on your car to get around. It is more difficult to have guests over or go out.

Urban Tiny Houses

Most of the people living in crowded urban areas are faced with the difficulty of finding affordable housing that provides comfort and utility. Real-estate prices in major metropolitan areas have skyrocketed during the recent years and it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to afford rent or mortgage on houses in the urban areas. Tiny houses are a great way to own a living space at an affordable price, while not having to uproot your life but rather stay in the city which matches your lifestyle.

Urban areas offer more entertainment and social opportunities compared to rural ones. Tiny house owners tend to have more disposable income that they can use for entertainment and socializing. It is also easier to commute to work, even live without your car. It has it’s challenges though, since it is quite difficult to meet building codes and zone restrictions. There is often a resistance and opposition from the neighbors that are concerned about their property value and potential safety hazards.

Whether you are a country or a city mouse, tiny houses can fit your lifestyle and needs. Tiny houses fit in both environments due to their flexibility and adaptability. They are also very affordable and can keep you out of mortgage debt. They can offer a quiet place to hide from the city crowds, traffic jams and noise. They can also provide a great urban habitat for people who love the city pulse and crave a more face paced life. In that sense, they truly are universal.

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