How Fasting Influences Your Fat Loss Hormones

Fasting is a dietary pattern that has a positive influence on your metabolism and on the hormones responsible for weight loss. Intermittent fasting involves intervals of food abstinence followed by regular eating. Health experts consider fasting a healthy trend as it helps reduce weight and the risk of various metabolic diseases. Since fasting is highly beneficial for weight loss and is an eating pattern that you can easily adjust to, it is recommended by many healthcare professionals.

How Fasting Is Linked To Fat Loss Hormones

A study conducted in 2014 to observe the effects of fasting on weight loss revealed that the practice can lead to a 3-8% reduction in body weight. In fact, it is known to be even more effective than the conventional calorie restriction approach. So, how does fasting help you lose weight? By stimulating the production of fat loss hormones and improving their balance in your body, of course. Hormones are powerful regulatory messengers that direct biological processes and your metabolism. Fasting helps increase the fat loss hormones which in turn strongly influence your caloric intake, appetite and fatty tissue deposition in your body aiding weight reduction.


One vital fat loss hormone is Insulin. It regulates the entire fat metabolism and is responsible for directing the processes linked to fat deposition and breakdown. High levels of insulin in the body make fat loss difficult, as the hormone tells your body not to break down fat. Alternatively, low levels in the body help keep the metabolism in check protecting against diseases such as coronary diseases, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and obesity. Fasting is, therefore, a great way to keep your insulin levels low, lowering insulin concentrations by almost 20% to 31%.

Human Growth Hormone

The human growth hormone helps maintain vital organs and body muscle mass providing energy and vitality to your metabolism. Fasting stimulates HGH concentrations in the bloodstream which makes the pituitary gland raise its production. As more HGH is released, it binds to fat cell receptors in your body and directs the breakdown of fats leading to weight loss. According to researchers, the HGH levels in men may rise up to five times as a result of fasting. High levels of HGH in the blood promote fat burning and effectively regulate fat deposition in the body, so here is a store of hgh for sale.

In females, fasting may not pose similar changes in the HGH levels, however, the eating pattern and adequate sleep aid in stepping-up growth hormone levels in the body leading to fat reduction. Fasting is productive in elevating levels of HGH in your body that not only facilitates in weight loss but also provides you with additional benefits related to this growth hormone including toned muscles, leaner body, increased vitality and vigor.


This is an important stress hormone that is responsible for assuagement, relaxation and improving alertness. The hormone assists in enhancing attention span and keeps you alert while providing additional benefits like weight loss and lean muscle mass. It directs the fatty tissues in your body to make more lipids available for burning by releasing free fats. High levels of Norepinephrine support in the release of more free fats that the body can use for burning. When you fast, levels of this hormone are increased leading to more fat burn and weight loss.

Short-term fasting can also help you lose weight, as it aids in boosting metabolism up by 14%. This increase in the metabolism is linked to high norepinephrine levels in the body that stimulate fat loss. As with intermittent fasting, fasting for short intervals is also shown to reduce weight by positively affecting hormones linked to fat metabolism.

The research conducted to study the effects of intermittent fasting and short-term fasts clearly indicate a positive effect on metabolism. This is directly linked to weight loss as fasting stimulates the fat burning hormones by lowering insulin levels and increasing HGH and norepinephrine concentrations in the body. Additionally, fasting helps boost the metabolism without decreasing muscle mass that indicates this eating pattern has advantages for weight loss compared to traditional calorie restriction diets and is a great tool to burn fat in a healthy way.

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