Chart of Best Video Tutorials on Cannabis Growing

As a beginner, you can refer several sources on the internet to gain knowledge and understand more about the concept of growing marijuana at home. While some prefer books, others tend to rely on visuals to grasp better, and this article will point you towards some of the best video tutorials on cannabis growing found online.

  • Marijuana – A Grower’s Lot by Kog (How to grow cannabis outdoors)

Kog never fails to impress growers with his skills in this video. Within 52 minutes, he explains the basics of growing your favorite herb outdoors. While many of you may be more interested in growing cannabis at home due to various reasons, it’s a fact that you can produce some of the most amazing marijuana when growing outdoors in its natural environment.

Thanks to Mother Nature, your plants will thrive and you never have to worry about electricity bills. Unfortunately, it’s still illegal to grow herb in many parts of the world, but if you’re lucky enough to reside in a location where it’s legal, it’s recommended that you grow outdoors.

  • Growing Cannabis Indoors by The High Closet

This video serves as the perfect guide for any questions related to growing cannabis indoors. Most importantly, the host focuses on how you can even grow bud in a closet! By explaining every single detail in just 22 minutes, he discusses the ventilation, lighting and other important aspects that are critical for you to understand when growing cannabis plants. For instance, he says that you should use only the best led grow lights.

Of course, you might not want to grow in a closet since it doesn’t produce huge yields, but since the video explains the basics of growing marijuana very well with pictures, it’s best to watch it.

  • I Grow Chronic! (How to grow cannabis hydroponically) by Mr. Green

This video tutorial by Mr. Green – an expert at growing marijuana – contains 9 parts and he shows you how to grow at least 100 grams of tasty bud every two months! Mr. Green also shows you how to build your own grow tent instead of relying on grow tents.

If you’ve bought a grow tent already, just skip ahead and watch the remaining parts that cover every aspect of growing marijuana in great detail. Note that this is for people who want to grow hydroponically, and if that’s not you, you can still watch the series to educate yourself.

  • How to F.I.M and Top Cannabis Plants by Grow420Guide

There are several methods including FIMming and topping to increase the yields of your plants, and this video explains the difference between both the methods perfectly. Your plants will grow just fine without these methods; however, growers use these techniques to increase the yields dramatically. If you’re ready to grow loads of bud, then check the video to improve the results.

  • How to Grow Cannabis Organically by John Kohler

If you’ve watched any other videos of John, then you already know that he’s an expert gardener who knows his stuff. Filled with videos that talk about everything from growing onions to kale to collards, John’s Youtube channel also consists of videos that show how to grow organic cannabis. If you don’t want to smoke cannabis that’s grown with chemicals, then John’s videos will be a treat for you.

Most importantly, organic cannabis will reduce the harshness of your weed. There are many methods you could employ while growing organically, and it’s as simple as providing nutrients that fulfill the requirements of the plant. John tells you everything you need to know and more, so you’ll not be disappointed. After all, home-grown organic cannabis beats the cannabis that you get from dealers or dispensaries any day, so give it a go!

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