5 best movies about sleep and dreaming

Sleep is a subject that has fascinated the scientists for many years. They have tried to find out what happens when we sleep. They have done research on our mental state when we are in sleep, what happens to our vital features, why we dream, etc. It’s still a world of the unknown and that’s why movie producers have also used it as a subject of your movies for years. Here are the best movies about sleep and dreaming that you must watch.

Inception (2010)

This popular movie was directed by the talented filmmaker Christopher Nolan. In this science fiction movie, the actors travel into the world of dreams. The lead character in the movie, Dom Cobb, is able to get valuable information when he is in the dream state of mind. He now plants an idea in people’s mind instead of stealing information during his subconscious state of mind. He plans to commit a crime using his extraordinary skill.

The Science of Sleep (2006)

In this movie, a man’s dreams get mixed up with the reality. He finds it difficult to tell whether things are happening in a dream or in real life. Dreams seem to invade his waking life. The man falls in love but the women find him childish as he seems to have little connection with the reality. It is a romantic movie.

Avatar (2009)

This super successful movie is a fantasy movie that is full of imaginary things. The visuals are awesome. The main story of the movie takes place in an imaginary world. A crippled man goes to sleep and during this time his mind comes out of his body and steps into an alien world. There he explores the place and saves the aliens from an invader.

The Good Night (2007)

It is a movie about dreams. It is about a man who is obsessed with his dream and wants to turn it into reality. The main character in the movie, Gary Sheller, is suffering from midlife crisis. He is depressed about his job and relationship. He meets a girl in his dreams. He then tries to carry out a relationship with this girl in his dreams.

The Matrix (1999)

It is about a lucid dream in which Neo, the lead character, goes into the world that is 200 years into the future. In his dream state, he learns some great bending techniques and learns how to fight enemies. This was a very successful movie and had a number of sequels later as well.

If you like movies about sleep and dreaming then you should watch these movies. Some of these movies had been very successful at the box office and people will remember these movies for years.