Chart of Best Video Tutorials on Cannabis Growing

As a beginner, you can refer several sources on the internet to gain knowledge and understand more about the concept of growing marijuana at home. While some prefer books, others tend to rely on visuals to grasp better, and this article will point you towards some of the best video tutorials on cannabis growing found online.

  • Marijuana – A Grower’s Lot by Kog (How to grow cannabis outdoors)

Kog never fails to impress growers with his skills in this video. Within 52 minutes, he explains the basics of growing your favorite herb outdoors. While many of you may be more interested in growing cannabis at home due to various reasons, it’s a fact that you can produce some of the most amazing marijuana when growing outdoors in its natural environment.

Thanks to Mother Nature, your plants will thrive and you never have to worry about electricity bills. Unfortunately, it’s still illegal to grow herb in many parts of the world, but if you’re lucky enough to reside in a location where it’s legal, it’s recommended that you grow outdoors.

  • Growing Cannabis Indoors by The High Closet

This video serves as the perfect guide for any questions related to growing cannabis indoors. Most importantly, the host focuses on how you can even grow bud in a closet! By explaining every single detail in just 22 minutes, he discusses the ventilation, lighting and other important aspects that are critical for you to understand when growing cannabis plants. For instance, he says that you should use only the best led grow lights.

Of course, you might not want to grow in a closet since it doesn’t produce huge yields, but since the video explains the basics of growing marijuana very well with pictures, it’s best to watch it.

  • I Grow Chronic! (How to grow cannabis hydroponically) by Mr. Green

This video tutorial by Mr. Green – an expert at growing marijuana – contains 9 parts and he shows you how to grow at least 100 grams of tasty bud every two months! Mr. Green also shows you how to build your own grow tent instead of relying on grow tents.

If you’ve bought a grow tent already, just skip ahead and watch the remaining parts that cover every aspect of growing marijuana in great detail. Note that this is for people who want to grow hydroponically, and if that’s not you, you can still watch the series to educate yourself.

  • How to F.I.M and Top Cannabis Plants by Grow420Guide

There are several methods including FIMming and topping to increase the yields of your plants, and this video explains the difference between both the methods perfectly. Your plants will grow just fine without these methods; however, growers use these techniques to increase the yields dramatically. If you’re ready to grow loads of bud, then check the video to improve the results.

  • How to Grow Cannabis Organically by John Kohler

If you’ve watched any other videos of John, then you already know that he’s an expert gardener who knows his stuff. Filled with videos that talk about everything from growing onions to kale to collards, John’s Youtube channel also consists of videos that show how to grow organic cannabis. If you don’t want to smoke cannabis that’s grown with chemicals, then John’s videos will be a treat for you.

Most importantly, organic cannabis will reduce the harshness of your weed. There are many methods you could employ while growing organically, and it’s as simple as providing nutrients that fulfill the requirements of the plant. John tells you everything you need to know and more, so you’ll not be disappointed. After all, home-grown organic cannabis beats the cannabis that you get from dealers or dispensaries any day, so give it a go!

How Fasting Influences Your Fat Loss Hormones

Fasting is a dietary pattern that has a positive influence on your metabolism and on the hormones responsible for weight loss. Intermittent fasting involves intervals of food abstinence followed by regular eating. Health experts consider fasting a healthy trend as it helps reduce weight and the risk of various metabolic diseases. Since fasting is highly beneficial for weight loss and is an eating pattern that you can easily adjust to, it is recommended by many healthcare professionals.

How Fasting Is Linked To Fat Loss Hormones

A study conducted in 2014 to observe the effects of fasting on weight loss revealed that the practice can lead to a 3-8% reduction in body weight. In fact, it is known to be even more effective than the conventional calorie restriction approach. So, how does fasting help you lose weight? By stimulating the production of fat loss hormones and improving their balance in your body, of course. Hormones are powerful regulatory messengers that direct biological processes and your metabolism. Fasting helps increase the fat loss hormones which in turn strongly influence your caloric intake, appetite and fatty tissue deposition in your body aiding weight reduction.


One vital fat loss hormone is Insulin. It regulates the entire fat metabolism and is responsible for directing the processes linked to fat deposition and breakdown. High levels of insulin in the body make fat loss difficult, as the hormone tells your body not to break down fat. Alternatively, low levels in the body help keep the metabolism in check protecting against diseases such as coronary diseases, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and obesity. Fasting is, therefore, a great way to keep your insulin levels low, lowering insulin concentrations by almost 20% to 31%.

Human Growth Hormone

The human growth hormone helps maintain vital organs and body muscle mass providing energy and vitality to your metabolism. Fasting stimulates HGH concentrations in the bloodstream which makes the pituitary gland raise its production. As more HGH is released, it binds to fat cell receptors in your body and directs the breakdown of fats leading to weight loss. According to researchers, the HGH levels in men may rise up to five times as a result of fasting. High levels of HGH in the blood promote fat burning and effectively regulate fat deposition in the body, so here is a store of hgh for sale.

In females, fasting may not pose similar changes in the HGH levels, however, the eating pattern and adequate sleep aid in stepping-up growth hormone levels in the body leading to fat reduction. Fasting is productive in elevating levels of HGH in your body that not only facilitates in weight loss but also provides you with additional benefits related to this growth hormone including toned muscles, leaner body, increased vitality and vigor.


This is an important stress hormone that is responsible for assuagement, relaxation and improving alertness. The hormone assists in enhancing attention span and keeps you alert while providing additional benefits like weight loss and lean muscle mass. It directs the fatty tissues in your body to make more lipids available for burning by releasing free fats. High levels of Norepinephrine support in the release of more free fats that the body can use for burning. When you fast, levels of this hormone are increased leading to more fat burn and weight loss.

Short-term fasting can also help you lose weight, as it aids in boosting metabolism up by 14%. This increase in the metabolism is linked to high norepinephrine levels in the body that stimulate fat loss. As with intermittent fasting, fasting for short intervals is also shown to reduce weight by positively affecting hormones linked to fat metabolism.

The research conducted to study the effects of intermittent fasting and short-term fasts clearly indicate a positive effect on metabolism. This is directly linked to weight loss as fasting stimulates the fat burning hormones by lowering insulin levels and increasing HGH and norepinephrine concentrations in the body. Additionally, fasting helps boost the metabolism without decreasing muscle mass that indicates this eating pattern has advantages for weight loss compared to traditional calorie restriction diets and is a great tool to burn fat in a healthy way.

4 best romantic movies of all time

Romantic movies are great to watch. It’s loved by people of all ages. Nothing can be better than sitting in your living room with your loved one and watching a good romantic movie. Here are the best romantic movies of all time.

Pretty Woman (1990)

This movie by Julia Roberts and Richard Gere is one of the best romantic movies of all time. It’s about how a billionaire businessman falls in love with a call girl. The movie is loved for its story, dialogues, and acting.

Titanic (1997)

Titanic is considered to be one of the most expensive movies ever made. It has also earned a lot of money since it’s released. People still watch this movie because of the spectacular visuals, music, story and the eternal love between Jack and Rose.

Armagadon (1998)

With actors like Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck, this romantic movie is about N.A.S.A and outer space. A team is sent to the outer space in order to save the earth. It has a beautiful storyline and some good music.

Notting Hill (1999)

If you want to watch a ‘feel-good’ movie, then Notting Hill is the one. This extremely romantic movie is about a superstar actress who falls in love with an ordinary man running a small bookshop in Notting Hill. The movie shows that there is no boundaries and differences in love.

These movies are worth watching. You will never get bored watching them over again and again. If you have missed watching any of them, you should definitely watch them now.

Image source: Jamie Henderson @ Flickr

4 films where actors use cannabis

You can often see actors smoking cannabis in movies. Cannabis and movies make a great combination. It gives a macho image to the actors. Many people find it very cool. Though cannabis smoking is seen as something not accepted in many societies, it is still seen in movies. Here are some films where you can see actors use cannabis.

1. Up in Smoke (1978)

This movie is one of a kind. It is said that this movie started the trend of showing cannabis smoking on screen.You will be able to get a sense of the cannabis culture by watching this movie.

2. Reefer Madness (1936)

This movie is about a young boy who is on drugs and kills his family. This movie gives the message how dangerous drugs can be and what they can do to your family.

3. Friday (1995)

This movie is about drug dealers. The actors are seen to smoke weed in this movie. When two men try to pay a drug dealer, they both get killed by the big boss.

4. Half Baked (1998)

This is a favorite movie of smokers. Here the actors smoke weed and get arrested for it. Later, they get out of jail and start to look for more weed and gets deported to Mexico. The police keep on chasing them.

In one way these movies portray smoking as being cool, but at the same time, they show the negative consequences of smoking. Some of these movies have a very strong social message that will help you to lead a good life and stay away from harmful things.

5 best movies about sleep and dreaming

Sleep is a subject that has fascinated the scientists for many years. They have tried to find out what happens when we sleep. They have done research on our mental state when we are in sleep, what happens to our vital features, why we dream, etc. It’s still a world of the unknown and that’s why movie producers have also used it as a subject of your movies for years. Here are the best movies about sleep and dreaming that you must watch.

Inception (2010)

This popular movie was directed by the talented filmmaker Christopher Nolan. In this science fiction movie, the actors travel into the world of dreams. The lead character in the movie, Dom Cobb, is able to get valuable information when he is in the dream state of mind. He now plants an idea in people’s mind instead of stealing information during his subconscious state of mind. He plans to commit a crime using his extraordinary skill.

The Science of Sleep (2006)

In this movie, a man’s dreams get mixed up with the reality. He finds it difficult to tell whether things are happening in a dream or in real life. Dreams seem to invade his waking life. The man falls in love but the women find him childish as he seems to have little connection with the reality. It is a romantic movie.

Avatar (2009)

This super successful movie is a fantasy movie that is full of imaginary things. The visuals are awesome. The main story of the movie takes place in an imaginary world. A crippled man goes to sleep and during this time his mind comes out of his body and steps into an alien world. There he explores the place and saves the aliens from an invader.

The Good Night (2007)

It is a movie about dreams. It is about a man who is obsessed with his dream and wants to turn it into reality. The main character in the movie, Gary Sheller, is suffering from midlife crisis. He is depressed about his job and relationship. He meets a girl in his dreams. He then tries to carry out a relationship with this girl in his dreams.

The Matrix (1999)

It is about a lucid dream in which Neo, the lead character, goes into the world that is 200 years into the future. In his dream state, he learns some great bending techniques and learns how to fight enemies. This was a very successful movie and had a number of sequels later as well.

If you like movies about sleep and dreaming then you should watch these movies. Some of these movies had been very successful at the box office and people will remember these movies for years.